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What We Do

We serve restaurants, medical practices, law practices, construction and real estate companies and a variety of retail businesses.  Our monthly fees range from $150 to $850 per month.  For that fee, we provide monthly bookkeeping services, payroll services and all tax filings, freeing our clients from the headache of monthly accounting work.

We Value Doing Business With You!

1.  SWAP understands that in today’s competitive marketplace, business owners have to have affordable yet reliable and meaningful accounting information.

2.  SWAP provides annual monthly accounting fees that will not change for a year and are all inclusive for requested services.

3.  SWAP tailors their services to the needs and capabilities of the client.  In some cases, client personnel have adequate skills to enter and record information.  In some cases that is not feasible.  We tailor our work and services to each individual situation.

4.  SWAP will quote your tax return and give you a fixed fee before performing the service so that there are not any unexpected surprises concerning pricing.

With many years of combined bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll experience, we provide you with the financial tools to grow your business.


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1901 A Wyoming Blvd NE                7900 East Union Ave Suite 1100
Albuquerque, NM 87122                Denver, CO 80237


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