SWAP Consulting:

SWAP personnel are experienced business advisors who average over 25 years of financial and accounting experience,  We have experience with many issues unrelated to accounting that often arise in the business world.

If you are considering setting up a pension plan, SWAP has experienced Pension advisors that can advise you on all aspects of pension plan design, administration, tax ramificatons and distributions.  We have frequently found that pension plan design is an often overlooked and misunderstood  element and the right design can result in greater dollars being put into owner’s hands and bigger tax deductions being generated.

For those businesses that are thinking about or are going to undertake the sale of their business, we understand the financial, tax, and logistical considerations for business sales and acquisitions. Our staff has assisted many other businesses through this process and have experience in businesses in the purchase / sales process.

It is often helpful to be able to evaluate the financial results of your small business and compare your results with the results of other businesses that are of a simla size and in a similar industry.  Accordingly, to our monthly bookkeeping clients, SWAP provides yearly comparisons of annual data with industry data.  This helps business owners understand how they stack up to similar businesses and also how an outside creditor or bank would view their business.

SWAP professionals have also helped their small business owners develop strategic planning processes and assist in the transfer of business owenrship to family members or key employees.

SWAP is here to offer your small business innovative solutions and help meet and exceed your financial goals.

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Southwest Accounting Pros, LLC (“SWAP”) specializes in providing accounting and tax work to small and medium sized businesses throughout New Mexico.  We serve restaurants, medical practices, law practices, construction and real estate companies and a variety of retail businesses.  Our monthly fees range from $150 to $850 per month.  For that fee, we provide monthly bookkeeping services, payroll services and all tax filings, freeing our clients from the headache of monthly accounting work.

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