Payroll Taxes 

SWAP Payroll Services: 

There can be severe and expensive penalties for nonfiling, nonpayment and late payment of payroll tax obligations.  For very affordable pricing, Southwest Accounting Pros, LLC can take the burden and effort of payroll administration off the shoulders of their small business clients.

Payroll services include the following:
1.  Electronic payment of employees.
2.  Filing all relevant monthly payroll tax reports, including 941, 940, ESC, CRS-1, W-3 and W-2s.
3.  We can also make payroll tax deposit for our small business clients electronically.
4.  Entering all payroll information into the accounting system and verifying amounts are correctly recorded in your system.
5.  Assistance in responding to all any tax notices received concerning payroll taxes.

6.  Dealing with IRS penalty and assessment notices.


SWAP provides an upfront annual quote for the cost of payroll administration.  Our fees are affordable and our team of experienced payroll providers can make payroll easy and worry-free.  Let the SWAP team members provide you with a no-cost initial consultation and quotation for your business payroll needs!

"SWAP tailors their services to the needs and capabilities of the client.  In some cases, client personnel have adequate skills to enter and record information.  In some cases that is not feasible.  We tailor our work and services to each individual situation."