Tax Returns:

Most of our clients are small closely held businesses.  So we understand and can guide the small business owner with the many and complex issues that business owners have to deal with when it comes to tax compliance.

We are capable of filing all forms of tax returns, including:

1.  1065 (Partnership Income Tax Returns)
2.  1120S (S Corporation Income Tax Returns)
3.  1120 (Regular Corporation Income Tax Returns)
4.  1040 (Individual Income Tax Returns)
5.  1041 (Trust Returns)

In addition, we have the capability to file state tax returns for all 50 states in the event that multi-state or out of state tax returns are required.

Business owners want to be sure that all legal deductions and advantages are being utilized in the preparation of their returns.  The experienced professionals of SWAP will insure that your return utilizes all available legal advantages that the tax code affords.

SWAP professionals also understand that the cost of compliance is significant and needs to be managed.  Before beginning work, our tax department will furnish you with a fixed fee quote for tax preparation.  In addition, we perform accounting and bookkeeping work for most of our clients.  That allows for a seamless transfer of information and helps minimize the cost of tax preparation.

Ask for a complimentary review of your prior year tax return and fixed fee quote for the current year tax return.

"SWAP tailors their services to the needs and capabilities of the client.  In some cases, client personnel have adequate skills to enter and record information.  In some cases that is not feasible.  We tailor our work and services to each individual situation."